Ako Ahimura Mātauranga Māori

Level 3, 1 Credit

 Pre-requisites: All level 3 compulsory courses

 Outcome statement

 Learners will demonstrate the knowledge of theory and practice for electrical workers in accordance with EWRB final closed-book examination (capstone assessment).

 Learners will complete a final closed-book examination (Capstone Assessment) to measure their understanding and competency gained towards the end of the qualification.

 This examination is set and moderated by the Standard Setting Body (or Workforce Development Council) to prepare trainees for further training and assessments leading to relevant EWRB registration classes.

 Note: Achievement of this capstone assessment alone does not entitle trainees to legally perform prescribed electrical. Until registered and licensed under the Electricity Act 1992 as trainees, graduates may not carry out any prescribed electrical work.

 This course, although only one credit, is a stand-alone course so that students who pass the 8 prerequisite courses may receive credit recognition for them even if they fail to achieve a passing grade in the closed book assessment of this course. This also allows staff teaching the 8 prerequisite courses to close off the courses at the end of each semester.

This course will enable students to further develop, apply and integrate skills, values and behaviours that are congruent with knowledge and theories relevant to the community facilitation workforce in a support level role.