NDCM - Develop the knowledge and skills to plan organise, manage and control the construction of building projects. Become familiar with resource planning, and control and quality management systems. Learn to co-ordinate people and information to ensure that projects are completed on time and to budget.

Find out how to measure and estimate building work, and how to cost, price and tender for projects. Learn to undertake the financial administration and cost control of projects under construction. You’ll also gain the skills to become an adaptable team member, and develop the ability to deal with clients, builders, subcontractors and authorities.

To enable the student to develop skills and knowledge to analyse and conduct a valuation and prepare account statements for work carried out on a construction site.

To enable the student to apply and develop skills and knowledge of construction law and documentation; and to communicate effectively within the construction environment.

To equip the student to be able to: establish communication protocols; value work executed; evaluate costs of variations, fluctuations, and time extensions; adjust nominated sums in accordance with contract requirements; prepare final account statements; and prepare progress and completion certificates; compile relevant tender and contract documentation; invite select and obtain tenders; and interpret types of construction contracts to tendering situations.