This page contains information about jobs and careers in Accounting, Business and relevant areas of interest for our students. 

Programmes included in this handbook:
NZ Diploma in Business (level 5, 120 credits)
NZ Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (level 4, 60 credits)
NZ Certificate in Business (Accounting Support) (level 4, 50 credits)
NZ Certificate in Real Estate Salesperson (level 4, 50 credits)

A shared platform in Business Practice Pathway for all postgraduate research projects in Business, and Communication Studies.

APMG9150 & APMG9151

This portal is a place for sharing staff resources and organising forums.

Technical Vocabulary
Programmes included in this handbook:
Master of Applied Business (level 9, 180 credits)
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Business (level 8, 120 credits)
Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Business (level 8, 60 credits)
Master of Professional Accounting (level 9, 180 credits)
Master of Applied Practice (Professional Accounting) (level 9, 180 credits)
Master of Business (level 9, 240 credits) - expiring
Postgraduate Diploma in Business (level 8, 120 credits) - expiring
Programmes included in this Handbook:
Bachelor of Business (level 7, 360 credits)
Graduate Diploma in Business (level 7, 120 credits)
Graduate Certificate in Professional Accountancy (level 7, 60 credits)
Graduate Diploma in Professional Accountancy (level 7, 120 credits)

This is a forum for students representatives of courses in Business Practice Pathway.