The aim of the programme is to produce graduates who have developed a theoretically sophisticated understanding of design through engagement in research by design. The students are expected to develop this understanding by undertaking a research project which involves creating a new body of work within a theoretical context and then critically appraising the new work and the theoretical framework which informed it. 
Programmes included in this handbook:
Bachelor of Design & Contemporary Art (level 7, 360 credits)
Bachelor of Creative Enterprise (level 7, 360 credits)
Programmes included in this handbook:
Master of Creative Practice (level 9, 180 credits)
Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Practice (level 8, 120 credits)
Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Practice (level 8, 60 credits)
Master of Design by Project (level 9, 240 credits) (Expiring)
Programmes included in this handbook:
Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (level 7, 360 credits)
Graduate Diploma in Creative Practice (level 7, 120 credits)