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On successful completion of this course students should have the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • demonstrate effective communication skills for use in an academic and technical I.T. environment
  • explore the relationship between culture and communication so that cross-cultural communication can be improved
  • demonstrate the identification of different audiences and use of appropriate technologies for information transfer

This is an interactive course, with four assignments including a final presentation. Other assessments during the semester also contribute to the final grade. Students need to get at least 50% marks to pass the course.

High levels of collaborative knowledge/team building exercises take place and students are encouraged to help each other during the semester. Students are encouraged to attend all classes as marks are allocated for attendance - it is expected that students participate in classroom activities to enhance/contribute to learning.  Guest speakers will be invited for relevant modules to aid in academic writing skills and also industry exposure.

On successful completion of this course students will have the mathematical skills and knowledge required for further tertiary study in the field of Information Technology.