Graphic Design Practice (DACA5231)
Level: 5
Credits: 15 (0.125 EFTS)
Compulsory: No

Aim:  This course will introduce students to fundamental aspects of graphic design. Students will learn a variety of design and workflow methods using digital software to develop visual communication skills across a range of media formats and conventions commonplace in graphic design practice.

Pre-requisites / Co-requisites:  Students must be admitted to the Bachelor of Creative Enterprise programme to enrol in this course.

Topics include: 
Image-making & design structures within visual communication Introduction to visual language through composition, layout and typography Creative expression through type and image.
Discussion and application of the elements and principles of Graphic Design Practice Digital workflows for graphic design practice including file preparation and exporting conventions for output.
A contextual survey of the central concerns that underpin contemporary graphic design practice Strategies for idea generation and analysis.
The development and application of fundamental principles and practices in the construction of original outcomes Concepts of the grid and matrix structures.

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