This training scheme is designed to develop participant’s skills through the introduction of best practices in planning and management for those working in the construction industry in a supervisory role.

The intention is that the modules chosen will directly support participant’s current positions and provide insight into the latest construction management practice. The participants will be introduced to new construction management practices built on Lean Construction principles and the software associated with Building Information Modelling. The training programme will contain practical case studies that apply these principles to common scenarios found in the construction industry. It is intended that the training scheme be delivered in two-day block courses spread over the year to allow the participants to adopt the skills and knowledge taught while carrying out their role in the industry.

The participants will:

- be able to apply the principles of Lean construction through planning and communication in a construction context.

- have knowledge of the software attached to BIM and how it applies to construction management.

- be able to use and apply Microsoft Project as a planning tool in a construction context.

- have the skills and knowledge to operate in a collaborative manner within the current competitive procurement environment.