Working with People is designed to take the initial skills learned in the Introductory Course, such as communication skills and apply them to the workplace.

  • You will further develop your communication skills in the classroom and use them in your interactions with service users.
  • You will consider ethical issues as they relate to the role of the mental health support worker.
  • you will review self awareness and consider how your values, attitudes and behavior are impacting for good or otherwise on service users and peers.

In addition, you will also be introduced to some knowledge areas of working in mental health

  • Relevant Laws and Codes of Practice 
  • Basic mental illness and addiction as well as treatments
  • Challenging Behaviors

As far as possible, you will be preparing for class through readings and short exercises that will assist you to understand the material.

You will then understand the class material in better detail and be able to contribute more fully to classroom activities.