Outcome Statement:

To develop capability in the design of complex architectural projects included in the generality of urban, industrial, and city fringe architectures, with particular reference to high- rise, long- span and large-volume typologies.


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course the student will be able to:


Research a range of sources and ideas in the interrogation of a complex architecturalbriefbydrawingonarchitecturalprecedentcasestudies,theoretical writings, representational systems, technical studies and form-making research processes.


Derive and defend a conceptual or theoretical position to drive the designprocess.


Devise and integrate formal, spatial, constructional, environmental and contextualstrategiesforhigh-rise,long-spanandlarge-volumebuildings.


Carryoutdetaildesignforselectedstructural,materialandconstructional aspects of aproject.


Demonstrate competence in appropriate techniques and phasesof design projectcommunication.