Course learning philosophy

This course acknowledges the importance of practicing the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. To satisfy the outcomes of this course, it is expected that you as a student are well informed of the Principle of Wakaritenga (to speak freely for the benefit of all) that provides varied levels of desired learning. I, as your learning facilitator am guided by the Principle of Kaitiakitanga (guardianship of knowledge) who will strive to nurture a visionary environment that will encourage you to seek areas that excite you. My belief is that true learning occurs best through Mahi Kotahitanga (spirit of cooperation and generosity) when it is most meaningful to you and adds value to the development of your life skills. The progression will be led by Ngākau Māhaki (respecting others heritage and customs) working collaboratively with your peers, facilitator and learning will be measured through continuous feedback and reflection. You are expected to understand and utilise your rights to quality education. You are required to be guided by the Principle of Rangatiratanga (take responsibility) of yourself, your course facilitator and each other in our collective endeavours to learn, discover, innovate and create. This assessment requires you to connect to the world of work developing employment outcomes and have work-ready skills.

Course delivery: Industry focussed project-based learning