Welcome to ENGG DE6102

This is a project-based course which means that most of the learning and assessment is achieved through the completion of a project.  Students are expected to apply what they have learnt on previous courses to the progress their project with only some guidance from the tutor. 

To be able to do the project, all students need to have passed or be taking the following subjects:

  • ENGG DE4103 - Technical Literacy
  • ENGG DE4202 - Land Surveying
  • ENGG DE5202 - Civil and Structural Drawing
  • ENGG DE5207 - Geotechnical Engineering 1
  • ENGG MG6106 – Construction Practices
  • ENGG DE5203 - Hydraulics 
  • ENGG DE5204 - Highway Engineering 1

If you have not passed all of these courses then it is recommended that you withdraw from this course and take the required courses.