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Course: Guide to Moodle (Guide to Moodle)
Glossary: Guide to Moodle

Delete manually enrolled users

If there are manually enrolled students in your Moodle course, you will need to manually unenrol them. If not, these students will still receive email notifications through Moodle.

Enrolment - Automatic enrolment

By using the PeopleSoft code, you can let PeopleSoft automatically enrol your students into your Moodle course. They will be enrolled one week before the PeopleSoft course start date, and unenrolled two weeks after the PeopleSoft course end date.

If you need them in longer than these dates, please email yliu@unitec.ac.nz with the course code and the new requested start and end dates.


  1. Course Administration block > Edit settings
  2. Enter the PeopleSoft course code in the PeopleSoft ID field
  3. Click "Save changes" at the bottom

NB: Only one course on Moodle can use the same PeopleSoft ID.

Course enrolment or Programme enrolment?

Moodle Peoplesoft ID field can accept either the Peoplesoft Course or Programme code.

A Peoplesoft course code is PeopleSoft Subject + PeopleSoft Category (ie. APMG8099). There is no space between them. The wrong ID will enrol the wrong students or none!

The list of all Programmes and their PeopleSoft IDs can be found here.

Enrolment - Enrol your students into Moodle

To ensure your students are enrolled in your Moodle course, you will need to do the following:
  1. Get the Peoplesoft ID from your Academic Administrator
  2. Ensure the Peoplesoft ID is entered into your Moodle course
Follow the steps below to enter your PeoplesoftID into Moodle:
  1. Click “Edit Settings” under the administration block
  2. Enter your Peoplesoft ID into the Peoplesoft ID field
  3. Scroll down and click on the “Save and Display” button


Now your students should be enrolled in your Moodle course in next server cron job runs, you can check it out the next day!

Enrolment - Guest access

Guest access allows people who are not enrolled in your course, or even people who don't have Moodle accounts at all, to access your course page. This is not a way of enrolling students or teachers into your course.

Guests cannot participate in the course in any way (forums, assignments, etc) but they can view anything that an enrolled student can view.

Courses with guest access enabled are required to have a password set, with the possible exception of some programme or pathway "homepages". If you believe your programme or pathway requires a homepage with open access, you must get permission from Te Puna Ako and measures must be put in place to ensure sensitive data for students and staff are not made available to visitors from outside Unitec.

NB: enabling guest access (but without a password) gives Google access to your course. If you have sensitive or copyrighted material in your course, do not enable guest access. If you do want to enable guest access, make sure you have set a guest password.

The instructions below are for historical purposes.

1. Course administration > Users > Enrolment methods:

Make sure the the eye is open, so guests can access to your course.

Or choose "Guest access" from the "Add method" drop down menu if it isn't there already:

2. Click the edit icon to set a guest password:

3. Click "Save changes"

Enrolment - Guest access info for students

How to access a course as “Guest

Step 1:

Follow the course link which your tutor gave to you, i.e:

Step 2:

Click on the button: “Log in as a guest

Step 3:

Enter the password which your tutor gave to you.

Step 4:

Click on the button: “Submit”

It will be convenient if you bookmark this page.

Don’t let others know the password.

Enrolment - Manual enrolment

Manually enrolling staff into your Moodle course means that you as a teacher/course administrator search for and add each teacher, and have to then remove them later when they no longer need access. Please don't manually enrol any student. Students are enrolled automatically by PeopleSoft.


  1. Course Administration block > Users > Enrolled users
  2. Click "Enrol users" button
  3. Choose role (teacher or non-editing teacher)
  4. Search for user (type into search box, press Enter on keyboard)
  5. Click the "Enrol" button by their name

Enrolment - Meta enrolment (meta link)

Use this when you want to pull enrolments (student and teacher) from another course into your course.

NB: You must be a 'teacher' or higher level in both courses to set this up.


  1. Go to the course you would like to pull the enrolments into
  2. (Administration block) Course administration > Users > Enrolment methods
  3. At the bottom of the list of existing enrolment methods there is a drop down menu "Add method". Select "Course meta link" from the menu.
  4. Find the course you would like to pull the enrolments from in the drop down menu, or search the course name, then and click "Add method"

Done! Now all students from the other course will also be enrolled in yours. When they are unenrolled from the other course, they will also be unenrolled from yours.

Enrolment - Programme codes

Here is a list of Unitec programmes with their ID codes and school codes that provide these programmes:

PeopleSoft programme codeProgramme nameSchool code
BABach Arts40LA
BAATBach Applied Animal Technology40NS
BARCHBach Architecture20AR
BASBach Architectural Studies20AR
BASCIBach Applied Science40NS
BASHBBach Applied Science/Human Bio40OS
BATBach Applied Technology30BT
BBSBach Business20AF
BCEBach Creative Enterprise20ID
BCONSBach Construction30CN
BCSBach Computing Systems20CG
BDESBach Design20DE
BDVABach Design and Visual Arts20DE
BEENVBach Engineering/Environmental30EN
BENGTBach Engineering Tech (Civil)30EN
BETMGBach Engineering Technology30EN
BHSDBach Health Social Development40CH
BHSMIBach Health Sci/Medical Imagin40MI
BICBach Communication20CO
BICHNBach Communication (Hons)20CO
BLABach Landscape Architecture20LA
BNBach Nursing40NU
BPRODBach Product Design20DE
BPSABach Performing & Screen Arts20PS
BRMBach Resource Managemnt40NS
BSOCPBach Social Practice40SP
BSPBach Social Practice40SP
BSPTBach Sport40ST
BTECEBach Teaching Early Childhd Ed40ED
CAMECert Automotive Mechanical Eng30TT
CAMGTCert Animal Management40NS
CANWICert Animal Welfare Investgtns40NS
CATECCert Applied Technology30BT
CAWICert Animal Care40NS
CAWINCert Ani Welfare Investigation40NS
CBAC3Cert Bus Admin & Comp L320AF
CBAC4Cert Bus Admin & Comp L420AF
CBUSICert Business (Introductory)20AF
CCINTCert Information Technology20CG
CCMACert Communication & Media Art20CO
CCOMPCert Computing (Level 2)20CG
CCSCert in Computer Servicing20CG
CCSKCert Community Skills40CH
CCSSCert Construction Site Safety30BT
CDESSCert Design20DE
CDVACert Design and Visual Arts20DE
CEALCert English Additional Lang40LA
CECSCert Employ & Commun Skills40CH
CEEECert Electrical Electronic Eng30EL
CEMSKCert Employment Skills40CH
CENGCert English (Level 2)40LA
CENG3Cert English (Level 3)40LA
CENG4Cert English (Level 4)40LA
CETECCert Electrical & Electronics30EL
CFS4Cert Foundation Studies40FS
CFSTWCert Found Studies L3 Whitinga40FS
CFSW2Cert Found Studies L2 Whitinga40FS
CHECert Higher Education40ED
CHGDNCert Home Garden Design20LA
CHSCICert Horticultural ScienceSLPSC
CHSKLCert Horticulture Skills40NS
CIE4Cert Intensive English Level 440LA
CIENGCert Intensive English Level 540LA
CLICert Liaison Interpreting40LA
CLTCert Language Teaching40LA
CMBC2Cert M/skill Build Constr30BT
CMMTCert Maori Mentor Training40LA
CMUSICert Music (Introductory)20PS
CNASCert Network Admin & Security20CG
CONTContracted Courses40FS
COPCertificate of ProficiencyUNITC
CPGFTCert Plumbing and Gasfitting30PG
CTCMWCert Trad & Contemp Mri Weav20DE
CTCOMCert Technical Communication20CO
CUPCert University Preparation40FS
DACSEDip Applied Computer Systm Eng20CG
DACTGDip Accounting20AF
DASDip Applied Science40NS
DATBDip Applied Technology Buildg30BT
DATECDip Applied Technology30BT
DBSDip Business Studies20AF
DCCDip Contemporary Craft20DE
DCMUSDip Contemporary Music20PS
DCOMPDoctor of Computing20CG
DCPHODip Contemporary Photography20DE
DDESGDip Design20DE
DDESMDip Design Media20DE
DENDip Enrolled Nursing40NU
DENGADip English (Advanced)40LA
DENTYDip Environ Technology30EN
DGDADip Graphic Design & Animation20DE
DIDDip Applied Interior Design20DE
DITSDip Information Technolgy Supt20CG
DLDDip Landscape Design20LA
DMFADip Maori Fine Arts20DE
DMGMKDip Management (Marketing)20AF
DMGMTDip Management20MA
DPDSDip Product Design Studies20DE
DPRACDip Professional Accountancy20AF
DPTECDip Performance Technology20PS
DSLMDip Sustainable Land Manage40NS
DSSMDip Sport & Fitness Education40ST
DTLMDip Tourism Leadership & Mgmnt20MA
DTRTIDip Te Reo me nga Tikanga40LA
DVADip Visual Arts20DE
DVETNDip Veterinary Nursing40NS
GAENGSht Crses in Auto Engineering30TT
GALFShort Courses in Business20MA
GCARPShort Courses in Carpentry30BT
GCEALGCert English Additional Lang40LA
GCNPMGCert Not for Profit Managemnt40CH
GCOMMShort Courses in Communication20CO
GCONSSht Crs Constructn-Non assess30CN
GCOSTSh Crses in Community Studies40SP
GCPAGCert Professional Accountancy20AF
GCPNLGCert Pacific NGO Ldrshp & Mgt40CH
GDBIMGDip Buildg Informtn Modelling30CN
GDBUSGDip Business20MA
GDCEGDip Creative Enterprise20ID
GDCMPGDip Computing20CG
GDCPMGDip Constructn Project Mgemnt30CN
GDDESGDip Creative Practice20DE
GDECGDip Event Communication20CO
GDESNShort Courses in Design20DE
GDHEGDip Higher Education40ED
GDLMDGDip Leadership Maori Devlpmt20MA
GDNPMGDip Not for Profit Mgt40CH
GDPAGDip Professional Accountancy20AF
GEAPLShort Courses in English40LA
GEDUShort Courses in Education40ED
GENGGShort Courses in Engineering30EN
GENRCGeneric Short CoursesUNITC
GETECShort Crs in Electrotechnology30EL
GF4UFree 4 U Computing40CH
GFOUNSht Crses in Foundatn Studie40FS
GHEALSht Crses in Health Science40HS
GILANSht Crses in English (Intl)40LA
GISCSht Crses in Business Computg20CG
GLANGSht Crses in Intl Languages40LA
GLPSCShort Courses in Horticulture40NS
GMLCSht Crses in Maori Lan&Culture40LA
GMTECSht Crses in Marine Technology30TT
GNRELUNITEC Star crses for Sec SchINREL
GNURSShort Courses in Nursing40NU
GPGASSht Crses in Plumbg & Gasfittg30PG
GPHOTShort Courses in Photography20DE
GPUUKShort Courses in Maori40LA
GRESMShort Courses in Resource Mgmt40NS
GSAFECert in Growsafe(Introductory)40NS
GSPNShort Courses in Special Needs40CH
GSTUPSTEP UP School Revision Progrm40FS
MAPMaster Applied Practice40ID
MARCHMaster Architecture20AR
MARCPMaster Architecture Professnal20AR
MBIEMaster Bus Innov & Entrep20MA
MBUSMaster Business20MA
MCOMPMaster Computing20CG
MCPMaster Creative Practice 
MDESNMaster Design20DE
MDMMaster Design Management20DE
MEDMaster Education40ED
MEDMMaster Educational Ldrship Mgt40ED
MHSCIMaster Health Science40MI
MICMaster Internatl Communication20CO
MLAMaster Landscape Architecture20LA
MOSTMaster Osteopathy40OS
MPAMaster Professional Accountncy20AF
MPMMaster Project Management20MA
MSOCPMaster Social Practice40SP
NCAEENCert Motor Ind /Auto Elec Eng30TT
NCAENNCert Motor Ind/Auto Engin30TT
NCALVNCert Adult Lit & Num Ed VocWk40ED
NCAM3NCert Mot Ind AutoElec MechEng30TT
NCAM4NCert Mot Ind AutoElec MechEng30TT
NCBFLNCert Business First Line Mgt20MA
NCBSINCert in Business Introductory20MA
NCCNCert Computing20CG
NCCADNCert Carpentry (Advanced)30BT
NCCPYNCert Carpentry30BT
NCDLGNCert Drainlaying30PG
NCDRNNCert Drainlaying30PG
NCEANCert Ed Admin (Admin Support)20CG
NCEE2NCert Electrical Eng (Level 2)30EL
NCEE3NCert Electrical Eng (Level 3)30EL
NCEEENCert Elec Eng Elec for Reg L430EL
NCESCNCert Electronic Security30EL
NCGASNCert Gasfitting30PG
NCJNYNCert Joinery30BT
NCMENNCert Motor Ind/Ent Auto Trade30TT
NCMESNCert Motor Ind - Entry Skills30TT
NCMHANCert Mental Hlth Addictn Supt40CH
NCPLUNCert Plumbing30PG
NCPTGNCert Painting30BT
NCRENCert Real Estate Salesperson20MA
NCRETNCert Retail20MA
NCRTLNCert Retail20MA
NDATNDip Architectural Technology30CN
NDBUSNDip Business20MA
NDCNDip Computing Supt Sftwre Dev20CG
NDCMNDip Construction Management30CN
NDQSNDip Quantity Surveying30CN
NDSYGNDip Surveying30EN
NZCE2NZCert English Language L240LA
NZCE3NZCert English Language L340LA
NZCE4NZCert English Language L440LA
NZCE5NZCert English Language L540LA
NZDBNZ Dip in Business20AF
NZDENZDip Engineering30EN
NZIMNZIM Cert Management40TP
NZLCMNZIM Cert Lang Culture & Mgt40TP
PGCAPPGCert Applied Practice40ID
PGCCPPGCert Creative Practice20AD
PGCELPGCert Educationl Ldrshp & Mgt40ED
PGCHSPGCert Health Science40MI
PGCOPPostgrad - Cert of ProficiencyUNITC
PGCSPPGCert Social Practice40SP
PGDAPPGDip Applied Practice40MU
PGDBSPGDip Business20MA
PGDCGPGDip Computing20CG
PGDCNPGDip Counselling40SP
PGDCPPGDip Creative Practice 
PGDDEPGDip Design Enterprise20DE
PGDEDPGDip Education40ED
PGDICPGDip Inter Communic20CO
PGDMGPGDip Marketing20MA
PGDMTPGDip Health Science40MI
PGDPAPGDip Professional Accountancy20AF
PGDSMPGDip Educational Ldrshp & Mgt40ED
PGDSPPGDip Social Practice40SP
PHDDoctor of Philosophy40ED
SACOPStudy Abrd-Cert Of ProficiencyUNITC
SACP3Cert of Proficiency InternatnlUNITC
SACP5Study Abrd-Cert Of Profciency5UNITC
SACP6Study Abrd-Cert of Profciency6UNITC
SACP7Study Abrd-Cert Of Profciency7UNITC
SSTARSTAR Secondry School Short CrsUNITC
TPCATechnology Pathway Cert (Auto)SAPTI
VTPVocational Training SchemeUNITC

Enrolment - Removing people from your course (unenrolling users)

Removing staff or students from your course works exactly the same.

You can remove staff and students who have been manually enrolled or self-enrolled.

You cannot remove students who have been enrolled by "external database" (PeopleSoft).

Staff or students enrolled by "course meta link" must be unenrolled from the source course to be unenrolled from yours.

Staff (or sometimes students) who are enrolled by "category enrolment" cannot be removed by you, as they have been assigned to their role at the category level to all courses in that category. If you feel that there are staff there by mistake, please contact your programme administrator or elearn@unitec.ac.nz to clarify.

Instructions for removing manually or self-enrolled students:

  1. Course administration > Users > Enrolled users
  2. Find the user you wish to unenrol and click the X to the very far right by their enrolment method information
  3. Confirm that you wish to unenrol the user


Instructions for removing meta course enrolled users

  1. Course administration > Users > Enrolled users
  2. Check which course the users are being enrolled from
  3. Go to that course and follow the instructions above for removing manually or self-enrolled users

Enrolment - Self-enrolment

This lets students enrol themselves in your course. You can put a password on so that not every student can just enrol.

NB: students who have self-enrolled must either unenrol themselves from the course when they are done, or the teacher must unenrol them manually. They will not be removed automatically when the course finishes.


  1. Course administration > Users > Enrolment methods
  2. Open the eye on self-enrolment and click the edit button, or add self-enrolment using the "Add method" drop down menu if it's not already there
  3. Click the cog wheel to choose your settings, taking note of password if you want. Use the ? icon to clarify what any of the settings do
  4. Click "Save changes"

(we recommend deleting guest access as this will make the 'Enrol me' button to be located in an obvious pace)