Why am I not getting emails from Moodle?

If you are a teacher, but your Moodle profile email is not the one you are using now, then you should change it to the right one. 

If you are a student, our Moodle updates your profile every day according to your Unitec Student Portal data. you should NOT change your email in Moodle, because of the change will be overwritten by PeopleSoft overnight. So please change your email here: 

https://myportal.unitec.ac.nz/welcome, then wait for the next day to see your Moodle email updated.

If it is the right email but you didn’t get any email from Moodle, they might land into your Junk mails or Spam folder. Follow the link below to the guide of how to tame Gmail. Hotmail and other Email Apps should be similar.


Another possibility (unlikely) is that you had turned off the Moodle notification at some stage. Follow the link below to the guide of how to turn it back on:


» Guide to Moodle