Activities - Database - Fields

In order to collect data, you need to add fields to your database.

It is best to plan out in advance exactly what information you wish to collect.

Field types

  • Checkbox - tick list that allows multiple answers to be selected
  • Date - a date
  • File - allows the upload of a file (any file type)
  • Latlong - latitude and longitude, global position, location
  • Menu - drop down menu with the ability to select one option
  • Multimenu - menu with the ability to make multiple selections
  • Number - accepts only numbers entered into this field
  • Picture - allows the upload of an image (png, jpg, gif)
  • Radio button - list that allows only one option to be selected
  • Text area - larger text area with full HTML editor
  • Text input - a single line of text
  • URL - a link to a website

Things that are automatically collected (don't need fields added):

  • User - the logged in user who added the entry
  • Date of entry - the date the entry was made
  • Date of last update - the date the entry was last updated

Adding a field:

  1. Go to the "Fields" tab when viewing your database
  2. Under "Create a new field" choose the field type from the drop down menu.
  3. Every field will ask for a Name and Description. These are arbitrary, make them something short you will associate with the data being collected (and the name and description can be the same thing).
  4. Depending on the field type there may be other settings. Please see the link above to the MoodleDocs page for more information on each field setting.

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