Activities - Feedback - Adding / editing questions in a feedback form

Using the tabs along the top of the activity, choose "Edit questions"


There will be no questions there yet.

Choose a question type:

question types

  • Add a page break
  • Captcha - A test to make sure a real person is filling in the form and not an automatic spamming program of some sort. Asks a person to write out some distorted text which is displayed on screen. You normally won't need this unless you find you are getting spammed a lot.
  • Information - This allows you to choose to display one of three types of information: the time of responding; the course and/ or the category where the feedback is located.
  • Label - Like a standard Moodle label, this allows you to add abritrary text between questions allowing for extra explanation or to divide the Feedback into sections.
  • Longer text answer - This option is for creating a text box (you specify how big it will appear in rows and columns) which people can write a long answer into.
  • Multiple choice - This will give you a series of radio buttons, which starts on 'Not selected' and then has your options afterwards. Only one can be chosen and 'Not selected' is a valid answer if the question is not set to 'required'.
  • Multiple choice (rated) -

    This is similar to the other multiple choice options, except that each option has a numerical value associated with it. You have the choice of using radio buttons or a drop-down list to display the answers.

    For example:

    How much do you enjoy being in class?
    I love it
    I like it
    It's OK
    I don't like it
    I hate it

    It's not possible to (easily) get out an "average" score - particularly if you're asking the same question before and after an event or course. If the Drop-down List (rated) option is used, then numerical values are associated with each option, allowing an average or other measurements of any responses.

    The above question might look like:

    How much do you enjoy being in class?
    [5] I love it
    [4] I like it
    [3] Its OK
    [2] I don't like it
    [1] I hate it

    Which might allow for an average (e.g. "4.5 this term, up from 3.9 last term") to be calculated.

  • Numeric answer - Here, you ask a question which must have a number as an answer and specify the acceptable range e.g. "How many arms would you like, if more than 2 were possible? (please specify 0-10)" with a range of 0-10 set in the options. It helps if you specify the acceptable range in the question text.
  • Short text answer - This option lets you specify a single line answer, with an input box which is a set number of characters long (you choose). You also specify the maximum number of characters you will accept, so that the answer is not too long and/or does not run over the length of the box on screen.

As you add questions you will see them appear in the preview section below.

As a teacher you cannot answer the questions in the feedback form.

For more detailed information on building your feedback form, please see the MoodleDocs.

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