Request a new course

This is for teachers only.

If the course you are teaching is not already on Moodle you can use the "Request a Course" button that is visible at the bottom of any category in Moodle.

You can get to "Request a course" in 2 ways:

To go to the categories view, click "All courses" at the bottom of the "My Courses" block on the front page.

My Courses

This takes you to the category view. At the bottom of any of these categories, you will see a "Request a Course" button (note: You do not need to be in the correct category to request the course, you will get to choose the category for your course in the request form)

Request a course

(Clicking the button above will also go to the request form)

Follow the "Request a course" link in the drop down menu at the top.

You can then fill out the form.

Request form

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