Activities - Assignment - Grading assignments

Once students have submitted assignments, you will see this information when you visit the assignment module in your course:

assignments need grading

Click "View/grade all submissions"

You will see a grid view of all your students and their submissions.

Students who have submitted will have a green "Submitted for grading" box under "Status".

not yet graded

To grade, click the small pencil icon next to it, or hover over the icon in the "Edit" column for more options.

grading buttons

The grading view gives you an overview of the student's assignment:

submission overview

From here you can download the file, or click the "+" button above the online text to view the full online text submission. If the student has added submission comments to their assignment, they will also show here where it says "Comments (0)".

Further down you can grade the assignment using the drop down menu (if you have chosen a custom grading scale) or if you have chosen a number grade then you will get a small box to type the grade into.

grade and feedback 1

There is also a box for putting your feedback into.

NB - an assignment's grade MUST be filled out or changed from "No grade" before the student can see any feedback! No grade, no feedback!

grade and feedback 2

If you enabled the ability to add feedback files, you will see an upload box underneath the comments section for you to upload the feedback file to the student. This can be their own assignment, sent back to them with comments all over it.

feedback files

Once you are done, either click "Save changes" if this is the only student you are giving feedback to, or "Save and show next" if you are grading all of your students.

Clicking "Cancel" or "Next" will lose your grade and feedback information!

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