Grades - Marking workflow

Marking workflow allows for results of assignment type activities to sit in a number of different states prior to being released to students. This is only available for assignment type activities not quiz.

On a basic level this allows results to be hidden from students until you're ready, but also allows for assessors to keep track of the state of individual student's assignment through a mark->review->release workflow.

Enable marking workflow

Edit the settings for the assignment activity:

Administration, Assignment administration, Edit settings

Under the Grade area of the Edit settings page, set Use marking workflow to Yes

Use marking workflow

Save your changes, you have now enabled marking workflow for this assignment.

Using marking workflow

When you are ready to grade an assignment click on the assignment and then View/grade all submissions as normal

view/grade all submissions

In the grading page is where you can start to see marking workflow options appear, the default marking workflow state is Not marked, you can see this under the status column of the assignment grading page.

Not marked

When grading an individual assessment there is now an option to set marking workflow state, any state other than "Released" will hide the current grade from the student.

marking workflow state

Changing the marking workflow state of multiple submissions

It is also possible to change the marking workflow state for multiple or all students who have participated in an assignment.

Go to the assignment grading page and use the check boxes down the left hand side to select multiple or all participants in the list.

select multiple

Now down the bottom you have an option to act on the selected participants

with selected

Click Go and you will be taken to a Set marking workflow state for (multiple) users page, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the new marking workflow state and then click Save changes.

set workflow multiple

All the selected participants activities are now set to this new marking workflow state

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