Download/Backing up Moodle Gradebook

It is important to note that student submissions/responses/results/grades will disappear from Moodle 16 days after the enrolment end date.

You should ensure you have downloaded and saved them before that deadline.

If you should need to retrieve a student's data/grades, you can manually re-enrol the student into the Moodle coursePlease remember to un-enrol this student when you have downloaded what you need. If you need to download grades for the whole class, you will need to manually re-enrol every student in the cohort. After that, please go to each Quiz and click the "Regrade all" button.

1. In the ‘Course administration’ block, click the ‘Gradebook setup’ link

2. In the ‘Export’ dropdown menu, click the ‘Excel spreadsheet’ link

3. Tick all options, then click the ‘Download’ button and save the file.

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