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Accreditation is the offical approval and authorization to deliver Programmes and/or courses



student or learner



Academic Programme Manager

Assessment Concession

Learners can apply for an AC if  they can provide evidence and: 

  1. They are/were unable to attend an examination, compulsory assessment or fixed time and place assessment activity due to illness, injury, bereavement or other critical circumstances. OR
  2. Their preparation for, or performance in an examination or any summative assessment has been seriously impaired due to circumstances beyond their control.



Evaluative conversations which take place within Programme teams to reflect on the courses and prepare for writing the Programme Evaluation and Planning (PEP), which is a 6 monthly review.


Course Descriptor

Course descriptors are documents that contain all of the information approved relating to a particular course. 

Course Evaluation and Planning (CEP)

Course Evaluation and Planning (CEP) ensures academic quality compliance and encourages teacher reflection and evaluation. Kaimahi complete the CEP for their course at the end of the course.

Course Evaluations

Course surveys which students are asked to complete to give feedback at course level.


Every course has a number of credits allocated to it by NZQA. Each credit equals ten hours of learning related to the course. So a ten credit course = 100 learning hours.



Did Not Complete - if a student fails to submit an assessment, a DNC can be input in Gradebook.

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