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Assessment Regulations and Procedures

To read the assessment regulations and procedures that affect your specific programme and courses, follow the link below to view your Programme Regulations.

Click here to view the Regulations that govern your Assessment

Affected Performance Consideration (APC)

  • The purpose of applying for Affected Performance Consideration (APC) is to ensure your academic progress is not unfairly affected by critical personal circumstances beyond your immediate control.
  • You can apply for Affected Performance Consideration (APC) for final examinations or other summative assessments
  • You should only apply for Affected Performance Consideration if:
  1. You are/were unable to attend an examination, compulsory assessment or fixed time and place assessment activity due to illness, injury, bereavement or other critical circumstances – see below for an explanation
  2. Your preparation for, or performance in an examination or any summative assessment has been seriously impaired due to circumstances beyond your control - click on the link below for an explanation and application form.

    Check assessment information to see if you should apply for an extension instead of an APC.  An extension can be granted for up to 5 days and is usually for less serious circumstances. 
    Note: an extension cannot normally be granted for an exam or fixed time assessment.

Affected Performance Consideration

Policy that affects Assessment

Click on the link below to view other policy that may be relevant to assessment for your programme.

Policy and Regulations Page

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