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Completion requirements

Make sure you are familiar with the Programme Regulations for the course you are teaching.  

NZQA has approved Programme Regulations, a contract between Te Pūkenga,  Unitec, NZQA and ākonga enrolled in a Programme.  Programme Regulations cannot be changed without prior approval. By following all of the regulations for our Programmes, we are displaying wakaritenga and rangatiratanga.

The regulations are available:

  • to ākonga via the Student Handbook on Moodle
  • to staff via H drive in the e-academic library - see H:\2. Academic Development\E-Academic Library 
  • you can ask your Senior Quality Administrator (SQA), Academic Programme Manager (APM, Discipline Lead (DL) or Programme Co-ordinator (PC)** to show you where to look for the regulations

Programme regulations contain the following:

  1. Admission requirements
  2. Selection criteria and process
  3. Requirements for the Award of the Programme
  4. Credit recognition
  5. Assessment regulations*
  6. Assessment Procedures*
  7. Transitional arrangments
  8. General provisions
  9. Schedules or appendices
  10. Links to relevant policies and procedures

* very important to know!

** Most programmes have either a Discipline Lead (DL) OR a Programme Co-ordinator (PC) who will be able to help answer your questions.

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