Your learners might ask you about your Programme's extension policy and the Assessment Concession (AC) process.


Ākonga must apply for an extension by email to you, the lecturer, before the assessment is due. The lecturer can give extensions. Kaimahi can approve extensions as long as the new deadline is not AFTER the end date of the course. 

Check the Programme Regulations and ensure you know your team's policy on extensions. Ākonga should get the same outcome if they apply for an extension, whatever the course. This is an excellent example of mahi kotahitanga, working with your team for the good of our learners.  

Examples of extensions might include:

    • sick child 
    • short illness, such as a cold
    • time management issues  

If the extension goes beyond 5 days, the learner must provide evidence, and you should complete the programme extension tracker.

An extension can only be provided until the date marks/grades/feedback about the assessment is released to the rest of the class. If the learner needs a longer extension, consult your APM or Programme Co-ordinator/Discipline Lead to decide on the best course of action.

You will need to consider the following when making a decision about an extension request:

  1. Fairness and natural justice for all learners
  2. Academic integrity 
  3. Workload

Here is a link to the student website information about extensions and Assessment Concessions

Assessment Concession (AC)

An Assessment Concession can be applied for up to 5 days after the assessment was due/scheduled.

Learners can apply for AC if:

  1. They are/were unable to attend an examination, compulsory assessment or fixed time and place assessment activity due to illness, injury, bereavement or other critical circumstances.
  2. Their preparation for, or performance in an examination or any summative assessment has been seriously impaired due to circumstances beyond their control.

Examples of AC applications and relevant evidence include:

    • Car accident : Insurance claim forms/photos of accident
    • Jury service : official court summons 
    • Illness : GP medical note
    • Mental health issues : Unitec's Waiora health services counsellor letter
    • Court appearance/police detention : course document/police report
    • House fire/burglary: Police/fire brigade report
    • Bereavement : Death notice/order of service
    • Dental emergency : Medical certificate or letter from dentist

The Unitec Website has information for ākonga about ACs and how to apply, including the form they must complete and what type of evidence to provide.

The APM will be responsible for making decisions on AC applications and reporting to the Programme Academic Quality Committee (PAQC). This person will be showing rangatiratanga (authority & responsibility) by performing this task on behalf of the PAQC.

If an AC leads to an extension of time beyond the course end date, you must enter the following into Peoplesoft GradeBook: DEF (deferred grade) and the rationale in the comment box, along with the new expected submission date.

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