It is worth being familiar with the complaints processes at Te Pūkenga. 

The student website has a page dedicated to information about complaints here.  

There are different types of complaints outlined on the student webpage.

If a student wants a Reconsideration of an assessment mark/grade, they should follow the instructions on the student webpage. Note: a reconsideration cannot lead to a mark or grade being lowered due to the investigation.

If a student wants a Final Grade Reconsideration, they should follow the instructions on the student webpage. Note: the student has to prove one of two grounds in their application that there was either :

  1. an irregularity in the conduct of the summative assessment OR
  2. an irregularity in the results reporting and approval process.

There is more information about assessment and grade reconsideration applications here.

Ākonga should always try to resolve issues directly with the person concerned and use the Student Support services to help to resolve the concern. If the concern is not resolved to the learner's satisfaction, they can submit a complaint.  A complaint must be submitted in writing within 21 days of the incident or issue. A learner may ask their kamiahi for help submitting the complaint in writing.


If a learner is not satisfied with the decision outcome of their complaint, they may be able to appeal.

A learner has the right to appeal if their application meets specific grounds. You can find out more information here in the policy document.

Last modified: Thursday, 8 February 2024, 11:42 AM