Te Pūkenga's policies and procedures are here.  You should also refer to your programme's regulations. If there is a discrepancy between Te Kawa Maiorooro (TKM) and your programme regulations, the programme regulations stand. This is because it is the regulations which the students enrolled under. TKM was introduced by Te Pūkenga in 2023.

Policies and procedures protect us by acting as a regulatory guide. 

You will become familiar with these in due course.

You can find out expectations regarding assessments, grading, extensions, and more here in Te Kawa Maiorooro

Why are these procedures relevant to my course?  Read on! Here are some examples:

In Te Kawa Maiorooro you can find regulations about assessments, for instance (Part 7). 

If a learner wants to make a complaint they can check the Ākonga |Concerns and Complaints policy.  

If a learner requests to submit an assessment in Te Reo, you can check 7.2.

The polices and regulations ensure fairness for students.

Last modified: Thursday, 8 February 2024, 11:39 AM