Every programme has an approved Graduate Profile which gives a picture of what the learner should be able to do when they have completed all of the courses in the Programme.  It is made up of Graduate Profile Outcomes (GPOs).

The courses in a Programme fit together like a jigsaw to ensure the Graduate Profile Outcomes are all met.  

You can have a look in the Programme document to check the graduate profile. It will help you to see the big picture and how your course fits into a larger programme. Programme documents are stored in the e-academic library on H drive.  You can ask for help to find it. Your Senior Quality Administrator (SQA) or Academic Programme Manager (APM) or Programme Co-ordinator (PC) will help you locate it.

Here is an snippet from of a mapping document taken from the programme document for New Zealand Certificate Career & Study Preparation (NSCSP); you can see how the GPOs are covered off in each course by the Learning Outcomes (LOs):
mapping document

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