Topic outline

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  • Course Information

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  • Resources

    Here's where you'll find the files you need all the way through the course.
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  • Assessments

    There will be three Assessments in this course:
    1. Test (25%) - Preliminary Budget Estimating
    2. Individual Assignment (30%) - Elemental Measuring (Apprx. quantities)
    3. Group Assignment (45%) - Detailed cost planning & Cashflow forecast

    All three assessments are compulsory. You must attempt all of them otherwise, the regulation below applies:

    "The grade DNC (Did Not Complete) is recorded if a student has either withdrawn after 75% of the scheduled Course duration; or not attempted a compulsory item of Assessment within a Course. No Credits earned"

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  • S1- Introduction


    In this session you will be introduced to the course, review cost planning principles and go through different construction project stages.

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  • S2-Preliminary Budget Estimating

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  • S3-Preliminary Estimating GFA/costm2

    This session will cover preliminary estimating using Gross Floor Area (GFA) and cost/m2

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  • S4-Mock test and Review

    In this session, we will review everything we have covered for the past three weeks as part of the preparation for Test 1 next week the 22rd August 2022. Bring your calculator, scale ruler and your laptop full charged.
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  • S6-Elemental Cost Planning

    This session's discussion will focus on different methods for setting cost targets as part of Elemental cost planning.

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  • S.7: Elemental Cost Planning

    This session covers measurement of approximate quantities for cost planning purposes.

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  • S:8 A#2 - ECP workshop

    This is a workshop session to help you with the assignment. Bring all your questions regarding elemental measurement i.e approximate quantities to this session and we will discuss together.
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  • S9 - Detailed Cost Plan

    This topic will cover cost planning in detailed design stage

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  • S10 - Detail Cost Plan Cont'd

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  • S11 - Cashflow Forecast

    Construction phase cash flow forecast 

    Clients often require a cash flow projection for the construction of the projects. This is to assist with feasibility studies and the associated business analysis.

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  • S13 - Cashflow cont.

    Cashflow cont.

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  • S.15 Workshop

    Nothing new is going to be covered today. We will be helping you with your assignment. Bring all your questions for discussion during the class.
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